About Us

Founded over five years ago, Genesis Environmental Solutions combines a rich history of recycling projects with unmatched expertise. We strive to be at the forefront of the green revolution to drive meaningful change. Therefore it is important to us to devote ourselves to those in this world who most need our support through hand-selected projects.

Our Mission

"To a more sustainable and green Africa, to great things in 2022!" - These were the concluding words of our CEO Mr. Tommy Rudov at the annual Genesis Environmental Solutions kick-off meeting, taking place in Accra, Ghana last year in December to focus on our next big project: establishing a plastic recyling facility in Accra.

At Genesis, we have long been following the dramatic unfolding of the plastic crisis in West Africa and decided that 2022 is our year to tackle it. We aim to clean the Greater Accra Region from plastic pollution and greatly improve the living conditions of locals. By utilizing our immense experience and strong portfolio we know that we can push for lasting change and make Ghana the center of the green revolution.

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